The Last Tour Date Became a Fiasco

I suppose that is not so big of a surprise for me, but it was a little more out of control than usual. The tour has been going on for about thirty weeks and we have been all over this country and Canada. We even flew briefly to London to do some publicity. At any rate Las Vegas is the end and everyone is ready to blow off steam. Some of the guys had to get involved with some Las Vegas escorts and then one of them decided that he would take the services for free. Some way or another he got hold of a credit card that did not belong to him, apparently it belonged to some guy from the label. It was not enough. The credit card came up bad and this girl had some guy with her who made it his job to beat the money out of the sound engineer. Before long some more of our guys came along and it turned into a great big incident. Next morning I was in charge of getting our guys out of the Clark County jail.

It was not so easy, at least not all of them. Some of them had not done much aside from pulling the bouncer ( or whatever you call him) off of the sound engineer. Others had gotten involved with the police when they showed up. Fortunately we got hold of the right type of lawyer and he talked them into not charging all of them with all of the stuff that they could have been charged with. The sound engineer was a different matter, although based on a history of similar incidents over the course of two years. The band sat down with the label over a buffet. It seemed like it was time to cut him loose.