Drunk pune teenage driver of Porsche Taycan kills two software engineers in accident

According to media reports a 17 year old, son of a leading real estate developer, Vishal Agarwal, driving a Porsche Taycan killed two software engineers on a bike in Pune. The software engineers from Jabalpur and Pali in Madhya Pradesh were returning home from a party when the overspeeding Porsche Taycan hit the bike, killing both the engineers.
The front part of the Porsche Taycan was damaged, but the driver and passengers did not suffer any injury.
The teenage driver had allegedly drunk a lot of alcohol at Hotel Cozy and Hotel Black according to the media reports, and a case has been filed against the staff for serving alcohol to the teenager. The teenage driver was accompanied by two friends from college.
Since the driver was less than 18 years old, he was released,but a case has been filed against his father.
The Porsche Taycan car costs between Rs 1.61 – Rs 2.51 crore.
The car accident highlights the growing economic inequality in india when the domain investor who is making a loss receives a small amount, she is mercilessly tortured, falsely labelled a security threat without proof. In contrast the business owners from rich communities like Vishal Agarwal are allowed to make plenty of money, their teenage children have plenty of money to drink alcohol at posh expensive hotels, pubs , causing accidents.