Indian diplomat deepak vohra makes defamatory allegations about Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and cocaine

The extremely negative coverage of the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau remains a mystery for a large number of indian citizens
Though the indian mainstream media’s coverage of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau during the G20 summit was negative, the hostility greatly increased after the ottawa raw station chief pavan kumar rai was expelled.
The most outrageous defamatory allegation against Trudeau was that of the indian diplomat, ex-ambassador Deepak Vohra who claimed on zee tv, that the plane which was used to fly in during the G20 summit was filled with cocaine and the cocaine was detected by sniffer dogs
Though Trudeau appeared for the functions during the G20 summit, Vohra also falsely claimed that he was drugged and could not attend these events. Vohra also questioned the mental health. Vohra is being allegedly investigated for corruption by cbi and could have been induced to make these allegations
The Canadians have denied all these allegations.