Government changed bribery rules to include sex bribes after allegations of sex addicted government employees were proved true

Till July 2018, bribery only included financial or similar type of compensation which could be measured quantitatively, it did not include other kinds of bribes like sex bribes, jobs for relatives and similar favors

The domain investor owning this website had wasted a lot of her time and money exposing the sex, bribery racket of google, tata, ntro,raw, cbi, security agencies, and it appears that in an attempt to silence the domain investor and engineer, someone at the senior level, had tried to find out the facts of the case, whether these women were actually doing the work, or had got jobs for sex bribes and seducing top officials to make fake claims

So when it was proved that the allegations were factually correct and ntro employees were taking sex bribes to lie and make fake claims, the government realized that the current anti corruption act was not stringent enough, and in July 2018, modified it to include sex bribes. A minister revealed this new provision in a media interaction in september 2018.