Our Floors Look Much Nicer Now

My wife and I decided to finally update our home a bit with some renovations. There were some things we knew that we could do on our own, but we also knew that we needed someone to help us install luxury vinyl flooring. A good friend of mine told me that we would be able to install it ourselves, but I chose not to for a few reasons. The main reason is because I just did not want to. I have never laid down flooring before, and I did not want to mess anything up with it.

He had told me that laying vinyl flooring down is extremely simple, but I also did not have any tools to do it with. My wife was in agreement with me. We already knew the floor that we wanted, and the price that we were quoted to have it professionally installed was definitely within our renovation budget. We were only having two rooms done because my wife wanted to keep carpeting in the living room and bedrooms. The kitchen and dining room were the only two rooms getting the new flooring, and we were given a very reasonable quote by the company we chose to put the flooring in.

The installation was done within one day’s time, and the men who installed it were very professional and friendly. We thought that it would take longer because of the existing flooring, but they were able to take it up quickly and lay down the new vinyl flooring just as fast. The two rooms look so different right now, and my wife is actually thinking about having the living room floor redone with the same type of vinyl. She thought she wanted to keep the carpeting but the other two rooms look so nice that I think we are going to have a vinyl floor in the living room too.