For making a video of their sex queen naina’s servants aloe vera leaf robbery, ntro employees block internet connection

Indicating the torrid affair of the gujju ntro/raw employees tushar parekh, nikhil sha, parmar with school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, these powerful top officials are feeling extremely offended and angry that some one dared to make a video of their sex queen naina’s servants robbery of aloe vera leaves in panaji, goa.

These officials make and circulate videos of everyone including the domain investor who are low status, yet no one should make any video of their sex queen naina chandan or even her servant, they are high status people, and anyone posting anything negative will get their internet connection blocked

any help to get the internet connection unblocked in panaji, goa since 26 february 2020 will be greatly appreciated.

Gujju sex addict ntro/raw employees parmar, parekh, nikhil sha, spreading false rumors about reselling to cover up their SEX RACKET, BANKING FRAUD

lazy greedy shameless gujju women like panaji gujju SEX queen SCHOOL DROPOUT cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh and her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, do not want to do any computer work, or start a business legally investing their time and money
Instead panaji top SEX SERVICE PROVIDER provider naina chandan relies on the powerful ntro,raw employees nikhil sha, tushar parekh, parmar addicted to naina’s SEX SERVICES to criminal defame the domain investor as a reseller, so that the LIAR FRAUD associates of these sex addict government employees can make fake allegations against the engineer to CRIMINALLY DEFAME her, and panaji gujju sex queen naina can get a monthly cbi salary for FAKING BANK account
The gujju sex addict ntro/raw employees are extremely vicious in criminally defaming the domain investor , the domain investor went to a computer hardware company to get the gst invoice for 3 pen drives which she had purchased, and the owner was asking her whether she was a reseller
The pen drives were purchased because the gujju officials have hacked all her laptops and she has to take more backups, to avoid losing data, so she requires more pen drives for taking backups
The shameless fraud LIAR gujju officials are aware that the domain investor, does not resell to anyone in India, she is mainly making money from advertising and content, yet they are making up fake stories about reselling, to cover up their SEX racket.