Blood sample of pune porsche car driver swapped to pass alcohol test

Usually the drivers of cars involved in accidents are subjected to a blood test to check the alcohol levels in their blood, whether it is above the permissible level.
Showing how the rich and powerful are manipulating the government system, the blood sample of pune porsche car driver was swapped to pass the alcohol test. The sample was allegedly swapped with that of the drivers mother, and others, so that it did not show any trace of alcohol.
Some doctors were allegedly involved in the blood swap and were paid Rs 3 lakh for swapping the blood samples.
This shows the lack of social justice in india, the rich and powerful like the car driver usually get away with all their violations of the law, while harmless powerless citizens like the domain investor are criminally defamed, ruthlessly cheated, exploited, robbed, by the top government employees, raw/cbi employees in a case of banking fraud, slavery.