A Hidden Magician in the Store

I own a candy store and wanted to do something that would draw in more customers. I thought about all kinds of special promotions and discounts, but I wanted something that would leave a more lasting impression in the minds of my customers. I hired a magician from nebmagic .com to act as an employee at my store for a couple of hours. While there, he would stand behind the counter and perform his magic act to customers, without revealing that he was a magician. I needed him to do a trick that revolved around making a normal orange into a chocolate orange.

The idea was to have the magician take a seemingly regular looking orange and break it open to reveal that the inside was nothing but chocolate, which would be a promotion for the chocolate oranges that were sold at the store. The magician would then show how the oranges were made by injecting chocolate into an orange with a syringe and opening it. It was an elaborate trick to do, but the magician knew just how to pull it off. I supplied him with all of the oranges and supplies necessary for the trick.

As the magician did the trick for the customers, they were shocked when they saw the orange open into a chocolate one. They couldn’t figure out how the chocolate was forming into the orange shape. The shock from the trick caused them to buy the chocolate oranges. Before I hired the magician, people didn’t really seem to care about the idea of buying chocolate in the shape of fruit, as the chocolate oranges were among the lowest selling items at my store. After the magician worked for a couple of hours, people couldn’t seem to get enough of the oranges and it became the most popular item.