I Am Ready to Put Up My Workshop

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It is not a small task actually, this is a rather large structure I am planning to big. It fact it is significantly larger than the house. I had been trying to get hold of this empty lot behind the house for about six years, but the owner had his own plans for it. Unfortunately for him his wife got ill and he needed the money. I already had a guy that does tree removal in Asheville come over and give me a quote on the job of clearing the lot. It is not that big of deal, although there are some big trees on the land. Much of it is covered with scrub and small trees that anyone could deal with, or at least anyone who was willing and able. There are some trees I can and will fell myself, they can be easily dropped with no real danger of catastrophe. Of course I am not so full of myself as to think I do not want to get a professional to do what they clearly should do.

I already have a guy ready to bring in the steel building any time I say. We have worked out the details and it is not really going to cost me much in the big scheme of things. This building is not new. It was used by a guy who had a lot of heavy equipment and needed a place where he could maintain it and his trucks. For whatever reason they disabled it and the guy I am buying it from bought it for junk. I am getting it for a little more than the metal is worth. The real cost will be preparing a concrete slab and assembling it. After it is up I intend to build a loft for storage.