Goan government continues to make FAKE CLAIMS about panaji gujju sex queen cbi employee naina chandan

gujju sex queen

The indian and goan government does not have the humanity and honesty to admit that cbi is paying a monthly salary to the panaji kolhapur born school dropout housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh only for the SEX SERVICES naina offers to top ntro employees like nikhil sha, parekh and parmar,
Instead the goa government was initially falsely claiming that the gujju sex queen who never invested any money in domains, was a domain investor while criminally defaming the real domain investor in the worst possible manner
Later when the financial fraud of the goa government was exposed, the goa government is now falsely claiming that panaji kolhapur born school dropout housewife naina chandan , eighth standard pass is an experienced engineer, when no engineering college would admit the gujju sex queen,eighth standard pass, and no engineering company would hire the cbi sex queen employee naina chandan

The goa government is extremely vicious in criminally defaming the domain investor who is also an experienced engineer, and DUPING companies, countries and people with its lies, Hence a photo of the look alike of india’s top sex service provider cbi employee naina chandan is provided so that people are not duped by the SHAMELESS LIAR top gujju officials making fake claims about the top gujju sex queen