Something Good for the Side Sleepers

I’m the only one in my family that sleeps on my side. Everyone else either sleeps on their back or their stomach. I never really cared for the beds that I had when growing up because they were made more for people who sleep on their back. I found a bed at Sleep Matters that was suited for my specific sleeping style, it was a massive improvement over the beds I’ve used before. For one thing, I have an easier time actually getting to sleep on the bed, and once I’m asleep, I can stay that way for a full 8 hours.

Since I’ve been getting more sleep in the bed, I’ve been feeling more energetic throughout the day. I used to drink coffee and energy drinks a lot because I had trouble staying awake due to a lack of sleep from sleeping in my old bed. Those drinks always made me feel bad after drinking them, and when they wore off, I would feel even worse. It was as if my body was trying to tear itself apart after drinking them. I was like a walking zombie most of the time, and I knew that eventually my body wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.

The coffee and energy drinks are gone now, which has been much better on my health. I’ve even lost weight because I wasn’t consuming the empty calories from those drinks. All things considered, I think the new bed was one of the best investments in my life. It’s had such a positive impact on my body and overall health. I think it’s even more effective than that exercise bike I bought last year. That thing just sits in my room with clothes hanging on it. Maybe I’ll give it a spin on the weekends.