NTRO employees are so ADDICTED TO MEMORY ROBBERY, they refuse to check credit card bills, bank details which have accurate information

Led by the mhow monster puneet, the robber NTRO employees are so addicted to ROBBING the memory of the domain investor, that they refuse to consult the credit card and bank details which are easily available to them if they have any doubt.

Memory reading is very inconvenient for the domain investor, it causes insomnia and she also does not remember all the credit card transactions, yet the MEMORY ROBBER ntro employees are so addicted to memory reading that they refuse to check the credit card details which are far more comprehensive. Indian citizens are allowed to spend up to $25000 in foreign currency annually.

The victim of NTRO memory robbery, is a private citizen, and every time the ntro employees ILLEGALLY ROB HER MEMORY they are committing human rights abuses like the nazi atrocities on the jews. It is a clear case of discrimination, since the government dos not rob the memory of ther citizens, only the DOMAIN INVESTOR is targetted for memory robbery without a legally valid reason.

The lack of humanity and honesty in the indian internet sector, is exposed when no one is asking the NTRO employees why they are not checking the credit card details which are easily available to them instead of ROBBING MEMORY of a private citizen.