“James Bond of India” , Nper and cocaine junky

Many of the problems faced by the domain investor are because powerful intelligence and security agency employees are putting her under surveillance, shamelessly and falsely claiming that they are associated with the domain investor, she is a proxy for them, though she can legally prove that she has no connection at all with any intelligence and security agency employee

About 4 years ago, the domain investor was complaining about the harassment she was facing, and then a forum member Nper falsely thought that a intelligence employee “James Bond of India” was posting on the forum, and started attacking the domain investor using extremely choice language.

The domain investor, is a engineer, who leads a very conservative life, not even touching alcohol anytime in her life, so she was very surprised at the allegations made against her, by the forum member on namepros,Nper , quoted verbatim

cj= cocaine junkie… I’m better off without it.

You want me to offer you more than $10 for a domain that is expired and I still have to pay $10 renewal on? So let’s say that $20 would’ve been my total which is generous for a 2007 random letter domain. Waiting until “cocaine junkie” from za makes an offer? Could be a long time before he can even afford a reg-fee domain. 😉

For $20, you’d be better off with a gram of awesome quality weed. Get high for three days. No cocaine.
For $250, you could easily get 12/13 grams of the same awesome quality weed.

However this confirmed that someone powerful was misusing the name of the domain investor, engineer, though he had not contacted her anytime in her life.