Prabhakar Sail, eyewitness in Cordelia case,dies of heart attack

Prabhakar Sail, eyewitness in Cordelia case,had accused the NCB officials of demanding huge bribes in the Cordelia cruise drug case, His statement changed the entire case. He also said that he feared for his life. In April,the media reported that he died of a heart attack in Mumbai.
He was only 37 years of age.
The state government has announced an enquiry into his death.

ganja allegedly being sold as curry leaves on amazon

According to a report in Times of india the Amazon network is allegedly used for selling ganja/marijuana to buyers all over the country
The sellers are listing the item as curry leaves on Amazon
The buyers are informed to purchase a particular listing with curry leaves and they get ganja delivered without any problem using the amazon delivery partners
This shows the misplaced priorities of government agencies in harassing small online businesses who are only dealing with digital products, yet are being harassed for more than 11 years, especially in panaji, goa

According to TV9 report, Ananya Pandey allegedly agreed that she supplied ganja to Aryan Khan

According to TV9 marathi report, Ananya Pandey allegedly agreed that she supplied ganja to Aryan Khan twice when confronted by the NCB. She allegedly had a powerful friend who was sending the ganja through his servant to her in 2018-19
The TV9 channel did not name the friend of ananya pandey.
It appears that the celebrities were more careful in 2020, after NCB checked the whatsapp chats of deepika padukone, sara ali khan,and others
This shows the risk of using whatsapp for communication, records will remain for years or forever.
Only those who have plenty of money and free time when young can afford to use ganja and other drugs. Victims of government SLAVERY like the domain investor have no free time and less money they do not even have time to eat food properly.

Arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan by NCB extensively covered in Hindi television channels

Though english mainstream media has not given much coverage, Arrest of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan by NCB extensively covered in Hindi television channels, with Republic TV covering the news almost the whole day.
Aryan Khan was allegedly involved in attending a rave part on Cordellia cruises ship Empress which was going from Mumbai to Goa
He was allegedly having 13 grams cocaine, Hashish, MDMA pills, MDM and 1.33 lakh cash
Only those who have plenty of free time and money can afford to take these expensive drugs, victims of government slavery like the domain investor owning the website network, do not have the time and money to go on cruises or spend on drugs. This again highlights how the government agencies are targetting hardworking harmless citizens for criminal defamation, human rights abuses and financial fraud.

Despite being questioned by NCB, deepika padukone continues to appear in many advertisements

The NCB questioning of actreess deepika padukone has not affected her popularity as a film star
She remains one of the most popular actresses on hindi television channels
Some of the television ads in which she is appearing include Asian paints, Suruchi Masala, Oziva collagen,hair improvement and air conditioning brand
She has a very good PR machinery, which ensures that all the negative coverage is quickly forgotten.

Google, tata are like drug peddlers making ntro, raw, cbi addicted to CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING hardworking single women domain investors

The domain investor is protesting only because ntro, raw, cbi are addicted to CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING hardworking single women domain investors, criminally defaming them in the worst manner, and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees with no online income, no online investment, own her domain, bank account since 2010 to waste taxpayer money on their lazy fraud employees

The government agencies are supported in this FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD by some of the largest tech and internet companies in the world, allegedly google, tata. This greedy ruthless companies are ruthless in cheating, exploiting, robbing , small business owners who are not well connected, making them work like slaves, so that they do not have to pay BRIBES to top officials, call girls for sex services
The indian government agencies are taking advantage of the fact that older single woman domain investors do not have anyone to help or defend them, and are DUPING people, companies and countries with lies about domain, bank account ownership

Usually in other sectors, the largest companies will have some morals, humanity, they will not falsely claim that scammer school dropouts, call girls, housewives only cooking, cleaning for their crooked husbands, with no online investment, with no online income, are experts and investors to get them raw/cbi jobs. Only google, tata, indian internet companies are supporting ntro, raw, cbi in their FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD, making them addicted to CHEATING. EXPLOITING, ROBBING hardworking single women domain investors

BJP youth leader Pamela Goswami arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine in Kolkatta

BJP youth leader Pamela Goswami arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine in Kolkatta
According to media reports, the West bengal BJP youth leader Pamela Goswami arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine in Kolkatta. The police arrested her in the posh New Alipore area of Kolkatta and found approximate 100 grams of cocaine in her purse and below the seat. They also arrested her friend and BJP member Prabir Kumar dey who was also in the car. Ms Goswami claimed that she was being framed.
Before joining the BJP, Pamela Goswami was a model, air hostess and actress, working in TV serials. This arrest is being extensively covered in the mainstream media mainly because Pamela Goswami is very good looking and photogenic, so the media is not losing an opportunity to show the photos of a beautiful woman who is in the news.

Goan R&AW employee siddhi nayak allegedly experimenting with drugs

Based on information posted on social media, Goan R&AW employee siddhi nayak allegedly experimenting with drugs. In one of her social media profiles, she is mentioning magic mushroom which is a drug in some countries. Siddhi is also a regular at the various music fests where drugs are consumed regularly.
She is also allegedly falsely claiming that she owns the house of the domain investor, causing problems for the domain investor, since people are criminally trespassing on the house, blindly believing in the false rumors spread.

July 2019 Bollywood party being investigated by the Narcotics Control Bureau

The July 2019 Bollywood party held at producer Karan Johar’s house is being investigated by the Narcotics Control Bureau. The party was attended by the top celebrities in Bollywood like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor, Zoya Akhtar, Ayan Mukerji,Vicky Kaushal,.
There were allegations that drugs were consumed at the party, and the videos of the party showed that the celebrities were drugged.
The notice was sent to Karan Johar on december 16, and he was asked to provide details of the electronic devices which were used for shooting the videos
Actress Deepika Padukone and her manager Karishma have already been questioned by the NCB

NCB arrests celebrity hairstylist Suraj Godambe

The media reported that NCB had arrested the celebrity hairstylist Suraj Godambe, in Oshiwara, Andheri, Mumbai near Meera tower for allegedly purchasing cocaine. He was allegedly purchasing 11 gm of cocaine from a rickshaw driver Lalchandra Yadav.
The police also seized Rs 56000 from Godambe. Suraj Godambe is the son of the celebrity make up artists and hairstylist Dorris and Bharat Godambe, who have done the makeup for the top stars of Bollywood like Madhuri Dixit for decades.
NCB officials claim that Yadav was a delivery agent for a nigerian syndicate. The officials are not sure whether Godambe was purchasing the cocaine for his own use or was peddling it. Only celebrities who have plenty of money can purchase expensive drugs