The Wedding Plans Come Together

My wife wanted to try designing her own wedding invitations for our wedding, but she was having a hard time getting it to look as good as the professional invitations that she had seen online. Finally she just broke down and decided that the best thing would be to get some invitations from By buying the invitations, she would be able to save time and money, as well as put less stress on herself. While that portion of the wedding planning was taken care of, there was still a lot to deal with, such as picking the venue, hiring a photographer to take the wedding photos, deciding who would be the best man and bridesmaids, and even picking out the right cake.

We looked at a lot of cakes before deciding on the final one. They were all three tiered designs with lots of flowers and icing on them. At some point, all of the cakes started to look the same to me, and I didn’t really care which one we would go with, because they would all taste good anyway. My wife insisted that they all had their own distinct charm, but I just wasn’t seeing it. I could see if the cakes were radically different in how they were shaped or the colors they had, but they were all the same three tier designs, with some being round and some being square.

Luckily finding a photographer was an easier affair. All we had to do was look at some of the past works of photographers and choose one that looked competent. It’s harder to choose a photographer who won’t do a good job than one who will, as just about all of them who have any kind of experience are skilled at what they do. We just had to choose one that wasn’t too expensive.