Hash and weed rates according to Showik Chakraborty

Based on the report in India Today online, Showik Chakraborty in his confession to NCB has claimed that his sister Rhea’s boyfriend wanted hash and weed.
So he arranged for 5 grams of Bud (curated marijuana) which is enough for smoking 20 times
Bud supplier named Zaid told that a gram of Bud would cost Rs. 2000
Hash (Hashish) was priced at Rs 6,500/- per tola (per 10 grams)
This clearly indicates that drug addicts are spending a huge amount of money on drugs, which most citizens cannot afford

When NCB made a list of 25 celebrities consuming drugs, Bollywood suddenly united

Till rhea chakraborty was arrested after providing names of bollywood celebrities who consumed drugs, most of the celebrities had kept quiet about the death of actor sushant singh rajput.
Now that they are being threatened with at least interrogation, the bollywood celebrities are openly criticizing him
Those who are supporting rhea most openly are the ones who are mostly responsible for harassing him.

NCB claims that Samuel Miranda purchased weed for Rs 2500 per packet

Samuel Miranda purchased weed for Rs 2500 per packet
According to a report in India today online ,
Sushant Singh Rajput’s house manager Samuel Miranda revealed that he used to procure weed for Rs 2,500 per packet from Showik Chakraborty’s friend Suryadeep who named Kamaljeet (KJ), another drug supplier. He further disclosed that Karmajeet used to deliver the weed to Waterstone Club, Prime Rose apartment (Rhea’s residence) and Mount Blanc apartment (Sushant’s residence).

Only those who have plenty of money can purchase expensive drugs, broke domain investors do not any information on the various drugs, A large number of drug peddlers and others are being arrested due to the NCB raids.