Use of marijuana widespread in Bollywood

The case of Actor Sushant Singh rajput is interesting because for the first time, people are getting a glimpse of the real life of a bollywood actor. One of the more interesting aspects is how the drugs taken are clearly described.
The actor was allegedly smoking marijuana according to multiple sources like his staff neeraj, rhea chakraborty and his former bodyguard razaq
According to the report in India today,he was also allegedly consuming imported charas
His staff ensured that there was no trace left
This exposes the misplaced priorities of intelligence, security agencies, harassing harmless citizens at home, while celebrities openly violate all laws

Only celebrities and people leading a similar lifestyle deal with drugs

The latest news that has been leaked in the case of actor sushant singh rajput is that he would smoke marijuana joints according to the statement of his servant neeraj to mumbai police. The post has got a lot of comments in pinkvilla, with names of other celebrities also listed.
This indicates the widespread use of marijuana in the entertainment sector.
However, most people do not realize that in other sectors, people cannot afford to deal with these expensive drugs. Most engineers, who actually working as engineers are extremely disciplined, if they are intoxicated, no one will hire them and this discipline remains with them always.

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